Junior Members

We see our younger members as crucial to the future and strength of the club and its membership and are keen to attract new junior members. The venue is available from 7.15pm and many younger members arrive early to play each other and enjoy blitz, lightning and other rapid-play format games: its your choice how quickly or carefully you wish to play. If you are starting out then see our information on Getting Started.

The membership fee for Junior (under 18) members is £10 (compared with £30 for others) and this includes a subsidy of the membership of Cody Sports & Social Club. We are investigating the formation of Junior only team to play in the local leagues but we need willing parents to provide transport to away matches: please volunteer!

At long last, the Government and other higher authorities have recognised that chess is more than merely a game but it is an excellent teaching discipline for training the mind and supplementing a child's education.  Almost every child that is a good chess player succeeds strongly in their education which opens many doors for their future career. Some have even gone on to fame and riches through playing chess professionally. In England alone, a number of top players were amongst the top junior players of their time including Michael Adams, Nigel Short, Nick Pert, Luke McShane, Harriet Hunt and Jovanka Houska to name but a few. Sadly, many schools have yet to realise this and does not (yet) possess an interested staff member.

If you would like us to help with coaching then we can offer recommendations on who to contact how much and some good reading material to get you going. If your school does not have a chess club or a friendly chess teacher then let us know and we will see what can be done. We are attempting to establish links with local schools if only so they they are aware of what we provide.